Friday, October 27, 2017

Day 267: Saraiya Kanning


Saraiya Kanning holds an MFA in creative writing from the University of Arizona. She encountered silk painting while minoring in art studio as an undergraduate at Colorado College and was instantly captivated by the vibrant medium. Kanning leads creative writing workshops in elementary schools through the University of Arizona Poetry Center’s Writing the Community program and has taught undergraduate fiction writing workshops at the UA. In 2012, Kanning received a grant that enabled her to explore the intersection of words and visual art while watercolor journaling at sites such as Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado and Canyon de Chelly in Arizona. Her silk paintings can be found at

Artist Statement:

I’m a silk painter, creative writer, birdwatcher, and educator living in Tucson, Arizona. My wearable and hangable silk paintings are inspired by wildlife and ecology. These paintings celebrate the places and creatures which many of us city-dwellers rarely encounter. I want to record the existence of colorful, camouflaged, bizarre, and beautiful wild things.
I hope those who wear my scarves are inspired with a sense of majesty. I hope they are reminded that the magnificence of the natural world can also be found within our own beings. This physical adornment resembles the spiritual splendor wreathed about our souls.
Silk painting makes me curious. There are endless methods and styles at a silk painter’s disposal. Every day opens opportunities for experimentation and improving my process. It’s a never-ending path, but each discovery heightens my excitement and spurs me onward.

Websites for promotion:

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Saraiya Kanning
Raebird Creations
Visual artist, flutist, and freelance writer
Tucson, Arizona

Jackrabbit in the Desert After Rain
Purple Mountain Landscape

Jaguar in the Desert Grasslands

Artist Saralya Kanning
Join Saraiya for 3-day silk painting workshop this November at The Drawing Studio in Tucson! Participants will paint their own scarf and learn basic serti techniques (using lines to fence in dye). All levels welcome, you need not consider yourself an "artist." There is a lot of flexibility--your scarf can be as simple or complex as you desire. Experiencing the flow of dye across silk and playing with vibrant color combinations. 

Nov. 7, 14, and 21

Sunset Scarf

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