Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Day 250: Piersten Doctor (Feature and Interview)

Artist statement

  My art up to now has been based solely upon pop culture and how to escape the reality like everyone else. We can't really enjoy nature, stars, amoung most things, fresh air. So we binge watch films, long tv shows, and enjoy hobbies and materials most societies can't enjoy. Music is a subject nobody can  can deny because we have such delicate taste. I love painting about music and emotions to help connect better to everyone around me. I have no choice but to look away and find escape in video games, films,ect, when the worlds problems are right in front of me. 
  In my current years of painting I've had two mentors to help me understand the world of art. My brother Riedel Doctor who is also a tremendous creative artist. The other is my current mentor Jose Andres Giron. Heavy inveloped in his culture and years of experience in the art scence has made him a jack of trades amoung the city. Both have had a huge leap wirh knowledge and life experience, which makes me eager to live everyday and be happy with what I create. 

Soul Released

The Strokes

Bike Force

'Bike Force" painting in progress

You take your selfie too seriously

Endangered Species

What do you paint with? What inspires your artwork?
"'I use everything. Pastels, pencils, oils and acrylic.

How were you inspired by art even as a teenager?
'Seeing what people could. You were competitive,  took art as a sport.

What was your earliest show in Phoenix/

Do you paint large or paint big? How big or small do you like your drawings/
'Doesn't matter.'

How is the Native American art scene in Phoenix? 
Barely tipping my toes in there.

How has your culture enriched your artwork?
"Barely shown what my culture has to offer. My grandmother is a Navajo rug weaver.

You do live painting? Do you like live painting for an event? 
Body painting is fun. right place. Hardest thing is a model. Painted a body for a Frida Kahlo shwo.

What is your studio practice? How many days do you spend in the studio
I do art all the time.  i paint 5 days a week. I try to do one hour at least.

What is your full time job? How do you work and also do art? Jimmy Johns. It gives me a lot of time. ALAC helps to frame your work. you're gonna have a frame.

What can you say about art education? what have you learned from a class that has richly enriched your artwork? High school. Mostly self taught and youtube. Internet is a helpful DIY.

What community are you part of in Phoenix scene?

You have a lot of movies and tv shows in your artwork. Do you care to expand on why that is part of your imagery?
Everyone can relate to pop culture. It takes away from reality.

Who are your favorite Arizona artists? El mac has tons of murals around here.

Why do you use the color palette you use? It's very bright and vibrant. Why do you use the colors you use/
Experimenting with color choices right now.

You volunteer for ALAC. how is volunteering for an art gallery like/ Why is volunteering important to do as part of the art community?
Working but not being paid to work. You're investing yourself into a facility.

What political philosophies inspire you/
Most green ones.

Why do you think some galleries succeed and some don't?
The way they operate. Working in galleries require artists to do most of the self-promoting. My mentor Jose Andres Giron says your artist should be ready to hang and presentable with frames.

What keeps you of artist block? Music not to get suck binge watching tv. Exercising.

What do you want to in the future art wise?
Traveling doing shows across the world.

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