Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Day 265: Mary Meyer

I am a mixed media artist specializing in sculpture and installations. My work is informed by a sense of curiosity, and the direct tactile experience of making. I look to nature for inspiration‐‐ amazed at the connectedness of all living things. Our most intimate understanding of the world comes from our own bodies, our senses. To recognize ourselves in the ubiquitous shapes, patterns, and symmetries is to know we share a common thread.   Materiality has always been very important in my work‐‐ it represents physical connection, something that I fear is becoming rare in this world.  I work with stone, clay, wood, metal, found objects‐‐ and enjoy intuitive methods like carving and hand‐ building. I typically have several projects going at once, and always work in series— creating multiples that evolve organically, and allow intuitive exploration of shape and texture. I see the forms I make as extensions of my body;  living things that reflect time, energy and the ritual of making. Iʹm currently working on a large wall installation that investigates the notion of biophilia: our innate human tendency to seek connection with nature and living systems.



Luster detail

Biophilia (leaves)

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