Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Day 243: Margarete Beeson

Margarete Beeson aka Felt Phoenix - a Local Arizona maker of things and curator for over 15 years.
I have a variety of artistic interests such as wood burning, felted wool fiber art, murals,  toy and found object collage, and more.  My work is inspired by nature, childhood, Fantasy-Scifi, and vividness of life.
I have curated dozens of community art shows around the US, such as the Toy Art Show, The Blankety-Blank Show, the Postcard Art Project, Creatures, and more. Many of the art shows I have curated have helped new artists make their professional start in their community. Bringing together a variety of artists and showing many different sides of art has always been rewarding and fun.
The Burning Man community has been an enormous eye opening experience that makes art seem limitless, I have been fortunate enough to have supportive art-filled friends helping me through projects such as murals, giant burnable sculpture,  and illuminating mushroom forests throughout the years.
You can follow feltphoenix on instagram: https://www.instagram.com/feltphoenix/

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