Sunday, October 8, 2017

Day 248: Jason Hugger

I started drawing in perspective and realism in my early teens and received a scholarship to attend the Columbus College of Art and Design in 1991. Graduating Cum Laude in 1995, I settled in Phoenix, Arizona to a new and exciting art scene in Phoenix.
My paintings and silverpoint drawings reflect my love of still life and landscape which I combine to create surrealistic desolate and isolated desert landscapes. I am a veteran and live with my wife in Phoenix.
Painting for me is an exploration. When I paint a still-life I am not just describing the objects in front of me, I am also exploring the scene as if I were going there in person. By using extremes in scale and perspective, color and light, I create drama in my paintings and silverpoint drawings. My subject matter are found and recycled items such as rusty metal bits and old broken things.

Artist Member of the Sonoran Arts League

Artist Member Local First Arizona


BFA Cum Laude from Columbus College of Art and Design 1995


Albert K. Murray Scholarship, 1995

Heart of Ohio Tole Award, 1994

Heart of Ohio Tole Award, 1993

Alumni Association Scholarship, 1992

CCAD Foundation Scholarship, 1991

Selected Shows:

Collision at The Icehouse Gallery with Joe HoldrenEric CoxEric Kaspar and Eddie Sparr PHX AZ January 2017

Group Show "Oh, The Places You'll Go" at ASU Downtown, PHX AZ January 2017 to May 2017

Group Show at Grinder's Coffee Co. PHX AZ January 2017

Solo Show at Stacy's at Melrose, PHX AZ January, February 2017
Sonoran Small Works Show at the Red Truck Trading Company, Cave Creek, AZ Dec 2016-Jan-2017

The Veteran Art Show at Unexpected Art Gallery, Sponsored by The Sonoran Arts League Nov 2016 PHX AZ

Artist with "Entropy" Oil on Canvas 48X60

"The Sunbird" Oil on Canvas 10X20

"Lightning Strikes", Oil on Canvas 12X12

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