Monday, October 16, 2017

Day 256: Gilead

My art is a reflection of childhood imagination, adolescent fantasy, wishful thinking, dreams and evasive memories of things that quite possibly never actually happened. There is allegory here if you want it or escapism if you prefer.
The models for my paintings were drawn from life in the studio and later immersed into the ruins of an ancient civilization haunted by goblins and dragons. A world that I dimly remember visiting as a child, or did I only read about it, or was it a dream? I can't remember for certain, I'm not sure I care. This combination of drawing from life and living in my own little world gave my work the obvious collective title "Fantasy Life".
I'm influenced by the great fantasy illustrators of the 1970s, because that's the art that inspired me to be an artist, but these are not illustrations they're moments in the real life of ordinary people and ordinary monsters in an ordinary fantasy world.

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