Monday, October 9, 2017

Day 249: Valerie Hildebrand


 Valerie Hildebrand was always focused on her goal to become an artist carrying a double major in college - art, with a focus on painting, and theoretical mathematics. Her early career took her in the direction of computers, so it wasn’t until she moved to Arizona in 2000 that she was inspired to create art again. Since then she has been exploring various mediums and techniques expanding her knowledge and skills well beyond the painting of her college days. Valerie considers herself a “Multiple Media Artist” since she has not yet determined her preferred medium for her artistic expression, although batik and acrylic painting are currently her main focus. She never stops searching for new techniques and inspiration so her adventures in art have taken her into the realms of glass, batik, jewelry and metalsmithing, fabric design, painting, embossing, graphic design and digital art. Artist Statement “I studied art/painting and theoretical mathematics in college and promptly went into the field of computers where I enjoyed a very successful career. However, a few years ago I decided to pursue my earlier goal of becoming an artist and gave up that hectic life of technology, deadlines, and long hours. Now that I have time to devote to my art I’m really inspired to learn as much as I can about new techniques, styles, materials, and tools. This art business still involves a lot of technology, deadlines, and long hours, but they are for my art and I enjoy working hard to achieve my goals.” “I’m a “Multiple-Media Artist” since I haven’t yet found a single medium that fulfills all my creative desires. I’ve been fascinated with glass, inspired by batik on paper, and thoroughly captivated by jewelry design and construction. I’ve also been embossing, painting in acrylics, studying abstract design, learning the ins and outs of graphic design and digital art, and designing fabric from my batik artwork. I am constantly exploring various mediums and techniques and typically have several projects going at the same time. I’m definitely driven to continue to learn as this seems to be the best way to keep my creative spark alive and my interest level high.” “I hope you enjoy my art!”

Valerie Hildebrand

Insight, Batik on aquaboard

Fireworks on the Lake, Acrylic on yupo

Illumination, Batik on aquaboard

Elemental, Acrylic on aquaboard

Pear series, Batik on paper

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