Friday, October 20, 2017

Day 260: Katie Cooper

Katie Cooper, MFA, came to Tucson in 1991 after 10 years as a working artist in New York. She has shown in Colorado, New York and Arizona, has supervised numerous community art projects, was on the Residency Roster of the Arizona Commission on the Arts, and has taught drawing through various venues.

All of my work – from paintings and prints to performance art and installations – has always dealt in mystery. The powerful mystery of the physical world, and the dream, the numinous otherworld that sustains it.
I am currently working on a series inspired by the experience of a long solo mule ride in summer 2013. It was a journey steeped in silence much of the time, witness to changes I could feel but not name. The Long Ride paintings are an offering, from my dream to yours.

The Deer paintings were a song of sorrow and beauty present, and a premonition of the Ride to come.

White Deer


Ending Beginning

Watchers 1-6

The Quality of Mercy

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  1. Beautiful post, Shelley! I’m happy that I got to meet the artist recently!