Thursday, October 12, 2017

Day 252: Shawn Gorritz

My name is Shawn Gorritz and I am an Artist/Photographer/Jewelry Designer living in Tucson, Arizona. My biz is called and it encompasses all my artistic adventures. My weapons of choice are pen and ink, laser cut jewelry and most recently, polymer clay sculpture. For the sculptures I turn into pendants, I create a master sculpts and pour resin casts, which I then hand paint. I am inspired by just about everything, but I lean towards Horror, SciFi and Comic themes.

My tastes are constantly evolving – this is both a blessing and a curse!  I suppose I am a bit of an art-squirrel in that I really do jump from one thing to another at a moments notice. I draw and ink my hand off then I put the pens down to sculpt for a week or two. I itch to draw again, then that’s all I do until I’m pulled in another direction. I sometimes think this is a terrible way to be “successful” but I can be no other way... 

My website / shop is:


Gorgeos the green

My Own worst Enemy 2

Extch 3

Grumpy Alien 3

Fire Fans

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