Sunday, October 15, 2017

Day 255:Amanda Mollindo

(Yuma, AZ – Aspen, CO)

I spent a summer in the Colorado Rockies, in a land where the wealthy go to play. Everything about this place seemed foreign to me, from the pine groves climbing up towering mountains to the vacant multi-million dollar houses reserved for family vacations.

As I explored this society that was built for luxury, I was constantly reminded of the city in which I grew up. Coming from a community nestled on the US-Mexico border that was built on agriculture, military, and the struggle of working class families, this new environment felt far from home.

The following photographs are combined representations of the Yuma metropolitan area and the east end of the Roaring Fork Valley. Reflecting on five months in the mountains always stirs up comparisons to more than two decades in Arizona’s Sonoran desert. From stark geographic contrasts to disparate socio- economic structures, I am captivated by these two worlds that I have grown to love.

About Amanda Mollindo

Originally from Yuma, Arizona, Amanda moved to the Phoenix Valley in 2011. She received a BFA in Photography from Arizona State University in pursuit of her passion for the visual arts four years later. She currently lives and works in Scottsdale. To see more of her work, please visit her website,

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