Friday, June 30, 2017

Day 148:Albert Morales

I've been working in and around comics for about 12-13 yrs and have a degree in graphic design. I've been fortunate enough to help and support the HERO INITIATIVE on several of their different publications such as Wolverine 100, Fantastic Four 100, , New Avengers 100,  Walking Dead 100, Hellboy 100, TMNT 100. I am an official sketch card artist for MARVEL /UPPERDECK and have worked this past year on CAPTAIN AMERICA 75th ANNIVERSARY, MARVEL GEMS, FLEER ULTRA SPIDER-MAN, and am currently working on MARVEL PREMIER for the company.  

I'm also currently running BIG TIME FUNNIES - a Phoenix based newspaper comprised of several comic strip artists, as well as writing and drawing my own strip SUPER IMPACTO VS. THE WORLD.

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Day 147: Jamie Korb

Current Icehouse artist, Jamie 'Von' Korb,  returned to Phoenix, January 2014, from twenty years in the New York City area.  
My connection to Phoenix started after spending my childhood in Wisconsin. This is where the family influence exposed me to art in forms of centrifugal casting and silversmith benchwork. 
 Ten years of living in the Sonoran desert,  restlessness set in.  With the help of a friend, I went to 'find' myself in New York city. 
New York city and The Hudson River valley were my stomping grounds for two decades!
  Often visiting the Jasper Cropsey Foundation, just steps away from home,  I was overwhelmed with the  historical collection of the Hudson River Artists. That, just one facet of inspiration to draw the Hudson River and staunch New Jersey Palisades.  So many wonderful artistic influences in the city:  Working at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, exploring  art collections, be it gallery,  museums,  or local art festivals,  I was immersed in the cultural capital of the world.  Volunteer work as an artist in residence  at St Barts for ten years , so rewarding to share what i know as an artist to children.  
Bracelets and earrings made with crystals and semi prescious stones are easy to make while traveling.    
After twisting soldering styles,  and, trading small semi precious stones for textured and colored glass,  my small jewelery transformed into  larger 'window jewelry' in 1996, after completing a stained glass class at SUNY Purchase. 
Winning a juried competition, in 2009, I was a Guest Artist at Degrazia museum in Tucson.  This opportunity inspired me to create a 'Stations of the Cross' series of abstract stained glass crosses. 
Abstract Botanical pieces followed the Stations of the Cross series.  
Photography is another form of art that captures my delight.   I find myself drawing whimsical treehouses too.
Internationally collected, with over one hundred shows and commissions,  I continue the creative quest in the brilliance of Phoenix Arizona. 

Make an appointment to stop by the VonKorb studio at The Icehouse,  429 W Jackson St. Phoenix AZ 85003. 

Facebook:  Jamie Korb

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Day 146:Travis Rice

Travis Rice is an artist currently residing in Tempe, AZ where he is finishing an MFA in drawing and painting at Arizona State University’s Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts. Originally from Elkhart, IN, he initially studied design at Ball State University where he received a Bachelor in Landscape Architecture. Influenced by his background in architecture his work incorporates 3D modeling to create complex hard edge compositions that give an illusion of space through both form and materiality. His work is currently included in the exhibit “Abstraction in the Singular” at Bentley Gallery as well as a solo exhibit, “Fodderland, at Step Gallery, both in Phoenix, AZ.
Data Arch

Double Stack



Construct 2

Monday, June 26, 2017

Day 144: Gum Francis (Katherine Fowler)

My name is Katherine Fowler I have gone by the name Gum Francis and underwearonly for writing and art purposes; have made art for fun mostly making flyers for shows or designing signage or spray painting statues or editing clothes since 2007 and more in 2009 when I moved to phoenix to attend university (creative writing) from sedona where I grew up. Survivor of incest and on the autism spectrum. I had a clothing exchange club on Roosevelt and did shows and birthday parties before really feeling comfortable with seeing my art or thinking anything about it.  As a writer, art wasn't a priority to me until I fell hard and had to explain my torrents to him and other loved ones. So last year I learned how to make cool digital pieces and drew a lot on my phone which was amazing for my confidence and inspired me to paint some more paint things and edit more clothes and make more art outside and sing more and try harder and improve my writing and generally work the various areas of interest my art and lifeband business are attracting /creating. Here are some of my favorite pieces along with some crowd pleasers showing my meme, glitch, paint, photography, and digital drawing practices. My work is available through me via print or installation or download or commission but a digital gallery on instagram can be found @underwearonly  and on fb via the page PLUR for more clothing-specific swap posts. Looking to get in at ALAC this week so working on more stuff to go there such as paintings.
 Instagram: @underwearonly  

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Day 143: Sarah Kennedy

About the artist:
 Sarah Kennedy lives in southern Arizona where she indulges her love of the natural world and horses.   Her art falls across a wide spectrum from energetic, colorful mosaics created with hand crafted tile to oil paintings rendered in realistic, fine detail.  The vast array of color and life in the Sonoran desert and ancient and contemporary southwest culture provide inspiration for themes in her work.
 Sarah has loved creating art since she was 6 years old. Her art has been collected and displayed in juried shows across the region, winning numerous awards.  She is a member of Oil Painters of America; American Women Artists, American Academy of Equine Artists   and is the president of   Women Artists of the West.
Sarah’s family includes 3 adult children, her husband, her horse Blue and two cats.

About the mosaics:
The figures and symbols in these mosaics are influenced by many visits to petroglyph sites in Arizona and across the southwest. This work is intended to capture the energy, mystery, beauty and story depicted at these sites.
The process of creating these mosaics requires time and patience. Each tile is unique in design and is cut free-hand with a small blade from rolled sheets of clay. The pieces are air-dried, glazed and kiln-fired twice, once for color and again for detail.  Tiles are set within a rustic metal frame or on a glass surface and may also contain elements of cut glass, glass gems and found objects.  A sanded grout is applied to complete the mosaic and it is finished with a protective sealant. Mosaics may be displayed indoors or out.
About the paintings:
As a small child, I was captivated with the CW Anderson’s children’s books with his beautiful illustrations and stories of horses.  It was my goal to work out every detail of my own horse drawings carefully in crayon.
As an adult artist, working primarily in oil,  I enjoy still enjoy creating  realistic detail and using light and color to convey textures, shapes, mood and the emotional field between horses and people. The time I spend riding and with my own horse informs my painting and has resulted in completing over 50 equine commissions. The exactness of this work balances nicely with the fluidity of my tile shapes and mosaics.
Etsy store: bluehorsefineart,
Facebook: kennedy desert art
Instagram: bluerideraz

 White Horses Starry Night

Starry Night Petro


First Crush

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Day 142: Bryan Crow

My work is inspired by the idea of art as being a means of self-realization. Art is a tool for empowering and transforming lives.  I do not judge or filter what comes out of me; instead, I begin to investigate what I am going through, through letting go. Often times I paint patterns and designs to begin the creative process. Having figures and faces in the work allows me to unearth the insight that the people in my life offer.   

Instagram: bryancrowartist
Facebook: bryancrowartist

Friday, June 23, 2017

Day 141: Eric "Phadeone" Dearing

Eric "Phadeone" Dearing

Father, artist, thought criminal. I have lived in the valley and have been drawing all my life, but I'd say that I started taking art a little more seriously about 15 years ago. I am self-taught and I can't make up my mind so I am constantly trying new styles and methods. I have dabbled in everything from tattoo and logo design to graffiti and street art,  pop art, wood-burning and mixed media collage. The subject matter of my work could be just about anything but I really enjoy making art that is controversial and anti-establishment or that makes fun of pop-culture and the status quo. More recently however, I've found myself going back to the basics, getting into more realistic drawings and portrait work.

For me, the mere act of creating has been the main driver behind why I do what I do. I enjoy just tuning out for a while and listening to music as I drain my ever-racing mind onto the paper or canvas. It slows time and relaxes me. I love to create for myself and others and if I can make some money on the side for doing something I enjoy then even better! 

If you are interested in owning some, please feel free to contact me:

Copdogman 2x

Syer 2

They Had a Blast!

Bird Skulls

Bill HIcks

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Day 140: Kyle Ian McCurdy (Kanashibari)


Heart Shaped Box

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Day 139:Coral Moon Lewis

I like to show what is there, but what we never see: patterns, textures, landscapes and figures that ignite a completely different response from the viewer.

Image of a Pacific Coast


Bonds for Life