Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Day 55: Haley Shetler

"My name is Haley Shetler, I'm a self-taught artist that uses art as a therapeutic tool to cope with past difficulties while growing up with home life and a difficulty with verbally expressing myself and socializing; art was and still is the best method for me to reach out and connect with people. My work is my diary. I wish to show/remind people that art isn't there just to "look cool", but is there to say something and that there is no one way to speak to the world. That is a message I most definitely instill and nourish with my daughter. I yearn for evolution and so I enjoy using different forms of art (I've been recently testing my hand at custom doll repainting), mediums and tools. It keeps my mind fresh, expands my love of art, opens doors, and has made me a much happier and determined person." 
Facebook page:

Patron Saint of Stagnation

Mother Universe


Mans' Best Friend"

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Day 54: Laura Cohen-Hogan

I received my BFA and M of AE from ASU and UofHawaii.  Drawing from models during studio sessions and plein air painting, I create compositions that are an organic state of harmony and understanding. Landscape elements are reimagined as collages of hand-cut figure drawings.  Figures are represented in oil pastels, oil paint, drawings on tissue paper with inks, and 3-D surfaces.  Currently, I am the "Featured Artist” for February at the Herberger Gallery @ the AZ Center.  I will have a booth at Shemer Art Center Fine Arts In The Garden, March 11th.  My studio at the Artery is open every First Friday. (625 E. Indian School Road), parking in rear.

“Saguaro Lake With Seven Saguaros”-2’ X 3’ Tissue Paper/Ink Collage on wood panel

“Support” - 11” X 14.5" Mixed Media-Oil Pastel / Tissue Paper/Ink

“Allow Sunflowers Into Your Life”-12” X 12” Tissue Paper Collage on wood panel

“Anatomy Lesson”-Tissue Paper/Ink Collage on a torso

Monday, March 27, 2017

Day 53: Sue Norton Scott

Artist Statement
My creative juices are stimulated by contemporary culture. From biotechnology to redefining our authentic selves in this digital world, no current issue is exempt from becoming grist for my creative mill. By juxtaposing disparate images to produce 3-dimensional conundrums, I urge viewers to formulate their own out-of-the-box questions.

Purposely striving to ask unusual questions about a topic often leads to a deeper understanding of the issues (and promotes thought-provoking conversations with others!). When we ask uncommon questions, we frequently “shift” our worldview and become open to unforeseen input. My surrealistic images ask viewers to “question the questions” that frame our common reality and characterize our individual souls.

By changing the questions we ask, we open ourselves to innovative responses, and redefine ourselves in the process.

 Good Intentions
The life raft is filled with objects representing chance and complexity: poker chips, Rubric cubes, dominoes, and dice. Some are falling off the unbalanced vessel and jinto the ocean. A wooden hand pulls on the bow line, trying to right the life raft, but it is unclear whether the “help” is making the situation better or worse. The QR code is linked to ACA, or “Obamacare.” 

Growing Interest 
The currency is real.
Balancing Act
The figures represent various strategies for making progress through life. Without much of a safety net these days, it is up to us to persevere. 

Heavy Lifting
This Rube-Goldberg inspired piece shows what happens “behind the scenes” of the operatic figure in the lower right quadrant of the piece. It was inspired by my role as caregiver for my mother. What makes it mixed media: The entire piece is layered with objects: small square canvases, fabric, ladders, pulleys, and a key. The wooden figure on top of the canvas represents me, activating a sequence of events. 

You Turned My World Upside Down

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Day 52: Cody Winiecki

I enjoy the subtlety needed for engaging storytelling, and most of my recent work channels that feeling into portraiture. Whether fictional or living I try to envelope a portrait with visual cues eluding to the story, spirit, and life of that specific character. Each individual portrait explores the ways in which the manipulation of light, color, temperature, expression, mood, composition and setting can achieve poetic narrative results. While remaining true to my artistic voice I attempt to subtly breath life into unique characters creating captivating scenes with a powerful visual impact, CodyWinieckiIllustration/ illustration/


Raven 2

Narrative 1 Final


Saturday, March 25, 2017

Day 51: Julie Bonner

Tucson Artist, Julie Bonner, is known for blending painting with her design expertise to create the Award-Winning Desert Dwellers Flash Cards. She created the cards to teach her son, Syver, about the amazing surrounding desert wildlife. They contain amusing stories about animals and feature Julie’s acrylic art on canvas. See more of her work at 

Friday, March 24, 2017

Day 50: Ralph Muzio

"I often have to remember Alan Watts' advice - You don't dance to get to the other side of the floor,"

Quiet Trees

A Car With No Name;

Passing Through

Twice Jessie

White Hi

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Day 49: Matthew Goodall

Matthew Goodall

My work explores what I find to be interesting and beautiful. I am an artist that works in multiple mediums and styles.  I have experience working with anything from comic books to contemporary art, traditional and digital works.  I work primarily in watercolors but I have expanded my knowledge over the years and now work in a variety of mediums. 

Central Michigan University     
·         Graduated: December 2001 with Bachelors of Fine Art degree
·         2-D design Concentration in Printmaking and Painting

Published Work:
·         Tiny Works/Tiny Dances- 12-4-2015: {9} the Gallery
·         NSFW - 5-6-2016: {9} the Gallery
·         Gods & Monsters  - 6-3-2016: {9} the Gallery
·         Tiny Works/Tiny Dances II - 12-2-2016: {9} the Gallery

            Sequential Art
·         Spazdog Press Presents- Sonic Youth #1-5 (2010): Artist
·         Unite and Take Over vol 1: Shoplifters of the World Unite (2011): Pencils
·         Unite and Take Over vol 2 : Oscillate Wildly (2012): Artist
·         Nothing Can Stop Me Now: Ring Finger (2015): Artist         

             Cover/Pin up Art
·         Blackest Terror #1 (Moonstone, 2011)
·         Elvatron Chronicles #8 (Spy Hunter, 2015) Cover Colors    

She Found Now -mixed media 15x22 on paper

 Specular Reflection. Mixed media 6x6 on paper

Case of Monday's. 4x6 Watercolor on paper 
Reign Array. 4x6 watercolor on paper
 Stargazer. 4x6 watercolor on paper

Nude in plaid. 4x8 Mixed media on paper