Monday, February 12, 2018

Day 375: White Raven Studios

Art transforms: It enriches, soothes, inspires and connects us. Art celebrates life and death and everything in between. I have always felt the need to create: from finger painting to oil painting, from playing with clay to working in stone and metal, I love it all! I am greatly inspired by the colors and subject matter of the impressionist and post-impressionist painters. It's great fun for me to recreate Monet's landscapes with my own color interpretation and brushwork. Van Gogh has always delighted me with his wonderful colors. My past studies in Chinese brushwork have led me to reinterpret those styles and themes in my acrylic paintings. The chickens and roosters remind me of growing up in rural New York and bring a smile to my face. My beloved cat companion, Beret, continues to be an inspiring subject in my paintings, even after her passing last year. I honor her 16 years of companionship and amusement by painting her many moods and poses. I hope she makes you smile, too.

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