Saturday, February 10, 2018

Day 373: Aimee Ollinger

Aimee Ollinger recently graduated with a BFA in Drawing from the Herberger Institue for Design and the Arts at ASU. In her work she combines her fear of disease and fascination for nature. Starting at an early age, she found the fear of illness and death filled her thoughts with angst and apprehension. This type of anxiety can take its toll on the routine of daily life. Her love for nature began when she started traveling outside of her home state of Arizona. Having her sketchbook and camera in hand, she was able to gather and record information to incorporate into her pieces. The obsession she has with these two topics led her to sink the focus and energy into her work. Her research is used to turn her fears into something creative as well as utilizing nature to comfort and overcome her anxieties. She uses a combination of mixed media such as ink, watercolor, gouache, colored pencil, metallic paint, metal leaf, imitation gold mica flakes, and embroidery to best express her vision. Aimee hopes to inspire those who suffer from certain phobias that there are ways to cope by finding serenity through something you love. 
Instagram: @aimoart

A Deeper Fade, 2017

Mixed media on drawing paper

45 in x 31 in

Phases, 2017

Mixed media on watercolor paper
30 in x 22 in

Cellular Evolution, 2017
Mixed media on watercolor paper;
stretched onto embroidery hoops
33 in x 27 in

Scanning the Ecosystem, 2017
Ink, metallic paint, and metal leaf on
watercolor paper
20 in x 39 in

Invaders, 2016
Mixed media on watercolor paper
13 ½ in x 11 in