Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Day 271:Wylwyn Dominic Reyes

       Wylwyn Dominic Reyes was born in Manila, Philippines in 1978. With his family, he emigrated to the United States in 1981. He has lived most of his life in the American Southwest. Wylwyn is a visual artist and designer. As a visual artist, he works in sculpture, video, installation, and the internet employing both studio and social practices. His work often addresses the polarizing relationships found within the intersections of culture and the built environment. He presented a solo exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Tucson in 2013. He has exhibited work in group exhibitions, art galleries, and experimental art spaces throughout the US. Wylwyn also works collaboratively with other artists, curators, and designers in art and music cultural events such as the annual Night of the Living Fest, the Bookclub Burlesque series, and pop-up art shows throughout the downtown Tucson area. As a designer, he works in graphic design and exhibition design. He was part of the design team that created the Holocaust History Center in Tucson, AZ in 2016. In addition to being the sole graphic designer, he also assisted in exhibition design and curation. He has been the Chief Preparator at the Museum of Contemporary Art Tucson since 2009 and is currently their  Exhibitions & Operations Manager. He was the Preparator at the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art from 2006 to 2009. Wylwyn has also worked on exhibition preparation and art installation for the Tohono O'odham Cultural Center & Museum, Modified Arts Gallery, Steinfeld Community Arts Center, Fluxx Studios, Studio 455, Joseph Gross Gallery, and other galleries throughout the Southwest. He received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art: Three-Dimensional Design at the University of Arizona in 2015 in Tucson, AZ where he currently resides.


Sculpture at Steinfeld Art Center.
Jeepney, 2015.  Steel, wood, jeep parts, found objects.

Site-specific installation at MOCA Tucson.
Museum Etiquette no. 7: noise,  2013
Pedestal filled with water, microphone, subwoofer + amp, live camera projection.
Museum guests could speak, whisper, or scream into the microphone. Visual patterns would form in the water from the ranging vocal audio frequencies. A live video feed from above projected the patterns onto the museum wall.

Sculpture at Fluxx Gallery. 
FEMA Bicycle Trailer, 2014
Aluminum, fiber-board, bicycle components, found objects.
Functional bike trailer that reads "FEMA-mobile homeless shelter" on the side.

Sculpture at Fleisher Ollman Gallery in Philadelphia, PA.
Pallet Stack, 2014
Tiny shipping pallets made from one 2"x4" stud

Workin' in the shop.

Monday, October 30, 2017

Day 270:Xandriss

My art is a reflection of how I feel of things and of the world around me.  A projection of what I see and what I would like to see.  It’s my appreciation of things that are beautiful to me and strike a chord within my spirit.  

Living motivates me to create art.  When I am really moved by something, I feel inspired to paint the images before me or that are in my thoughts.  I wish to leave a viewer with something more than they had.  Something felt or inspired.  A mood uplifted or a message conveyed.  I wish to plant a seed of growth toward something positive.  

Much of my artwork is created using my Single Line Style.   Each of these paintings have a continuous line going throughout it to make up or fill in an object.  Sometimes, it’s one line for the entire piece, others- for each part in the painting.  A lot of people will try to find the two ends of the line for fun. 

I was raised in Mesa, AZ and live there currently with my fiancé, Bruce Cormier, and our four children.  We are both artists and focus much of our energy on our art and business.  I am greatly benefitted by my partner and soul mate being in the same profession.  We are always driving the other to be better at what they do.  It’s very symbiotic.  

I’m a studious person and am always wanting to learn something new.  I have a difficult time saying anything in few words which is fine because I have much to express.  I love poetry and classic literature and am a bit of a book junkie. When I bake something from scratch, usually a person wants seconds.  I’m passionate about the outdoors world and all things that are natural.  

A very influential person to me is Vincent Van Gogh.  I’ve studied his life and work and found him to be a prolific writer as well as a master painter.  I am in agreement with many of the things he wrote and feel a kinship with him.  

website-   http://xandrissart.com
instagram-  http://www.instagram.com/xandrissonelineart

Daydreams of a Grand Time

Alfred Hitchock

Waltzing in the Superstitions

Artist working

Print ready

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Day 269:Amanda Phipps

Amanda Phipps’ work focuses on pure abstraction and pushing the possibilities of her mediums. The distinctive characteristics of her work include depth, movement, texture and contrast. 
Her dynamic background spans from service in the US Air Force to her current career as a professional fine artist. She draws from her wide range of experiences and uses them to create art that comes from a unique perspective.
Some artists who have inspired her include Georges Braque, Clyfford Still, Jean Metzinger and J.M.W. Turner.
Her portfolio can be viewed at amandaphippsart.com. If you have any questions, are interested in commissioning a piece, or want to learn more about print options, feel free to email her at amanda@amandaphippsart.com

“Ascension” 64x42x2” Oil and acrylic on hardboard

“Growing Mountains” 30x48x2” Oil on hardboard

“Heat” 38x40x2” Oil on hardboard

“Peaks and Valleys” 72x56x2” Oil on canvas

“Stairwell” 48x36x2” Oil on canvas

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Day 268: Josh Clarno

As an artist I find my true identity in the abstraction that occurs when I interpret the world around me. Through the amazing process of collage, texture and applying paint in many different ways I have developed a mixed media technique. Rather than releasing an emotion to the painting, I receive emotional peace and a sense of passion from the painting. As I work through a piece I allow the painting to tell me what it wants to be. The process is spiritual for me where I can see all living things for their true colors. It is a beautiful exchange that I find myself having with the brush strokes. I grab ahold of the same divine hand that Van Gogh grabbed ahold of to paint his masterpieces. My art transcends right and wrong with a spiritual experience.

Instagram Clarno_fine_art

Sublime Chaos  30X48

Metropolitan 36X48

On the Waterfront 24X36

Life on Top 30X40

The Emerald Lady 18X26

Friday, October 27, 2017

Day 267: Saraiya Kanning


Saraiya Kanning holds an MFA in creative writing from the University of Arizona. She encountered silk painting while minoring in art studio as an undergraduate at Colorado College and was instantly captivated by the vibrant medium. Kanning leads creative writing workshops in elementary schools through the University of Arizona Poetry Center’s Writing the Community program and has taught undergraduate fiction writing workshops at the UA. In 2012, Kanning received a grant that enabled her to explore the intersection of words and visual art while watercolor journaling at sites such as Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado and Canyon de Chelly in Arizona. Her silk paintings can be found at raebirdcreations.com

Artist Statement:

I’m a silk painter, creative writer, birdwatcher, and educator living in Tucson, Arizona. My wearable and hangable silk paintings are inspired by wildlife and ecology. These paintings celebrate the places and creatures which many of us city-dwellers rarely encounter. I want to record the existence of colorful, camouflaged, bizarre, and beautiful wild things.
I hope those who wear my scarves are inspired with a sense of majesty. I hope they are reminded that the magnificence of the natural world can also be found within our own beings. This physical adornment resembles the spiritual splendor wreathed about our souls.
Silk painting makes me curious. There are endless methods and styles at a silk painter’s disposal. Every day opens opportunities for experimentation and improving my process. It’s a never-ending path, but each discovery heightens my excitement and spurs me onward.

Websites for promotion:

Raebird Creations is also a Facebook page, and can be followed on Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn

I can be emailed at saraiya.ruano@gmail.com

Saraiya Kanning
Raebird Creations
Visual artist, flutist, and freelance writer
Tucson, Arizona

Jackrabbit in the Desert After Rain
Purple Mountain Landscape

Jaguar in the Desert Grasslands

Artist Saralya Kanning
Join Saraiya for 3-day silk painting workshop this November at The Drawing Studio in Tucson! Participants will paint their own scarf and learn basic serti techniques (using lines to fence in dye). All levels welcome, you need not consider yourself an "artist." There is a lot of flexibility--your scarf can be as simple or complex as you desire. Experiencing the flow of dye across silk and playing with vibrant color combinations. 

Nov. 7, 14, and 21

Sunset Scarf

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Day 266: Dirty Teacup Designs (Meghan O' Connell)

Meghan O’Connell, creator of Dirty Teacup Designs, is an Arizona based artist whose art style evokes the surreal, fanciful & macabre blended seamlessly with delicate femininity.

Her love of depicting the intricate details of fabric and design started when she was just a child. However, it blossomed after graduating with a degree in Fashion Design, and a strong focus on fashion illustration. With the intent of exploring the dichotomies in human nature, she professionally established Dirty Teacup Designs in March 20

13. Creating stories within a single page, Meghan combines mischief and beauty, ominous scenarios and their consequences.

Her love of all things horror lead to the creation of her "Fashion Villains" collection which re-imagines classic, horror, cult films & video game characters as classy fashion illustrations. In addition, she has multiple collections featuring original concepts. One of the most popular being the "Domestic Bliss" collection, which deals in tales of forced happiness through indefinite separation, a “can’t live with him can’t live without him” predicament, if you will. All of the Domestic Bliss dames have their own dark humored story behind them and are illustrated as fashion illustration inspired murder scenarios.

Sightings of this eccentric artist are rare and usually occur at many local art walks, conventions and gallery shows.

To peek into projects Meghan is currently working on, shows she will be exhibiting at and more, you can follow her directly on:

You can buy her work at many local and out of state shows art shows, keep an eye on her website for show updates:

And buy her work online through:

Katia's Domestic Bliss

Drown Your Sorrows

Art show setup

Ripped Off

A collage of Fashion Villains


Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Day 265: Mary Meyer

I am a mixed media artist specializing in sculpture and installations. My work is informed by a sense of curiosity, and the direct tactile experience of making. I look to nature for inspiration‐‐ amazed at the connectedness of all living things. Our most intimate understanding of the world comes from our own bodies, our senses. To recognize ourselves in the ubiquitous shapes, patterns, and symmetries is to know we share a common thread.   Materiality has always been very important in my work‐‐ it represents physical connection, something that I fear is becoming rare in this world.  I work with stone, clay, wood, metal, found objects‐‐ and enjoy intuitive methods like carving and hand‐ building. I typically have several projects going at once, and always work in series— creating multiples that evolve organically, and allow intuitive exploration of shape and texture. I see the forms I make as extensions of my body;  living things that reflect time, energy and the ritual of making. Iʹm currently working on a large wall installation that investigates the notion of biophilia: our innate human tendency to seek connection with nature and living systems.



Luster detail

Biophilia (leaves)

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Day 264 Damian Jim

Damian Jim

My latest work draws on my roots depicting figures in surreal landscapes. These scenes have been enhanced by the years of abstract and geometric art that I used to create innovative art. With the various atrocities and hardships that my Native People now face, I find that I must create art which speaks on their behalf and challenge the assumption that we must all live as slaves of modern society and the inaccuracies of history that have skewed modern thinking to accept these injustices. By revealing these slights and methods of control that keep us in line, I hope to make people question their involvement in this system, and to rewrite the narrative of their reality.



A Safe Transition

The Killing Fields

Staying Intact


Swan Song

The Time of Messages in a Bottle

Monday, October 23, 2017

Day 263: Jeremy McMurtry

Born 1979 in Beaverton Oregon, J.Mc started drawing at a very young age. What has set him apart from other young artists is the fact that he was born colorblind. Rather than let that hinder his artistic passion, he has learned to embrace it. 

J.Mc relocated to Arizona in 1997 where he attended Collins College from 1999-2001, and received an Associate's Degree in Occupational Studies of Animation. This marked the beginning of J.Mc's career in design work. 

From there, he later became an artist's assistant with the renowned Phoenix Art Group(PAG). 

Working alongside and assisting some of Arizona's most talented artists he was inspired to leave P.A.G. and focus on his own work. J.Mc has coined his signature technique as Retro Abstract Collage Art or R.A.C.Art by using original clippings of from vintage 1930's, 40's, 50's and 60's magazines, as well as other various magazines. He accompanies his art with various drawn, painted and collage techniques. 

J.Mc paints mainly with acrylic, often mixing in charcoal, as well as exploring other mediums to create both abstract and contemporary art. He uses the same techniques in his backgrounds for his collage work, which helps bring his work to life. 

While most of his pieces feature microphones, which represent the power of the peoples' voice, he also uses circles and orbs to represent positive energy and influence. He believes both the use of voice and positive energy are a very powerful influence in human emotion, and the power of our voices can move mountains or tear them down. 

Music, on the other hand, can sooth the soul and take you to a beautiful place in your heart and mind. 

Humbled by God, he truly believes that God blessed him with this talent. Because of this blessing, he creates random religious collages and paintings in an effort to say thank you. 

Like many artists, J.Mc dares to explore all facets of art. Always pushing forward and crossing boundaries in both life and art. 

Though he is just beginning his long journey in both painting and religion, J.Mc is always looking for ways to better himself as both a person and artist.

https://m.facebook.com/ jmcmurtryart


Cork and Chello

Listen to Your Papi

Personal Business

Elk Chef #9

Untitled-Skulls on Yellow Paper

Artist Bio Pic