Sunday, October 1, 2017

Day 241:Orlando Betancourt

ARTIST AT THE WAREHOUSE 1005 PHX DOWNTOWN YOUTUBE CHANNEL ORLANDO BETANCOURT - FACE BOOK PAGE DEF - INSTAGRAM BETANCOURT171. On The News Channel 12 Orlando HEALING ART - I Draw My Own Characters Make It To A Short Stories About The Character I Went To Phoenix Collage And Took Inking Comic And Sequential Art . My Art Was Mostly The Past Getting Thought Out Now It Just A Style . I Like Hiphop And Rock Music.

Youtube Channel: Orlando Betancourt

Facebook page; DEF
Instagram: BETANCOURT171
News Channel 12 Orlando HEALING ART

Ice Cream Head $25.00

Cuz Ice Cream $25.00

Cuz Ice Cream Stop $25.00

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