Thursday, October 26, 2017

Day 266: Dirty Teacup Designs (Meghan O' Connell)

Meghan O’Connell, creator of Dirty Teacup Designs, is an Arizona based artist whose art style evokes the surreal, fanciful & macabre blended seamlessly with delicate femininity.

Her love of depicting the intricate details of fabric and design started when she was just a child. However, it blossomed after graduating with a degree in Fashion Design, and a strong focus on fashion illustration. With the intent of exploring the dichotomies in human nature, she professionally established Dirty Teacup Designs in March 20

13. Creating stories within a single page, Meghan combines mischief and beauty, ominous scenarios and their consequences.

Her love of all things horror lead to the creation of her "Fashion Villains" collection which re-imagines classic, horror, cult films & video game characters as classy fashion illustrations. In addition, she has multiple collections featuring original concepts. One of the most popular being the "Domestic Bliss" collection, which deals in tales of forced happiness through indefinite separation, a “can’t live with him can’t live without him” predicament, if you will. All of the Domestic Bliss dames have their own dark humored story behind them and are illustrated as fashion illustration inspired murder scenarios.

Sightings of this eccentric artist are rare and usually occur at many local art walks, conventions and gallery shows.

To peek into projects Meghan is currently working on, shows she will be exhibiting at and more, you can follow her directly on:

You can buy her work at many local and out of state shows art shows, keep an eye on her website for show updates:

And buy her work online through:

Katia's Domestic Bliss

Drown Your Sorrows

Art show setup

Ripped Off

A collage of Fashion Villains


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