Monday, October 23, 2017

Day 263: Jeremy McMurtry

Born 1979 in Beaverton Oregon, J.Mc started drawing at a very young age. What has set him apart from other young artists is the fact that he was born colorblind. Rather than let that hinder his artistic passion, he has learned to embrace it. 

J.Mc relocated to Arizona in 1997 where he attended Collins College from 1999-2001, and received an Associate's Degree in Occupational Studies of Animation. This marked the beginning of J.Mc's career in design work. 

From there, he later became an artist's assistant with the renowned Phoenix Art Group(PAG). 

Working alongside and assisting some of Arizona's most talented artists he was inspired to leave P.A.G. and focus on his own work. J.Mc has coined his signature technique as Retro Abstract Collage Art or R.A.C.Art by using original clippings of from vintage 1930's, 40's, 50's and 60's magazines, as well as other various magazines. He accompanies his art with various drawn, painted and collage techniques. 

J.Mc paints mainly with acrylic, often mixing in charcoal, as well as exploring other mediums to create both abstract and contemporary art. He uses the same techniques in his backgrounds for his collage work, which helps bring his work to life. 

While most of his pieces feature microphones, which represent the power of the peoples' voice, he also uses circles and orbs to represent positive energy and influence. He believes both the use of voice and positive energy are a very powerful influence in human emotion, and the power of our voices can move mountains or tear them down. 

Music, on the other hand, can sooth the soul and take you to a beautiful place in your heart and mind. 

Humbled by God, he truly believes that God blessed him with this talent. Because of this blessing, he creates random religious collages and paintings in an effort to say thank you. 

Like many artists, J.Mc dares to explore all facets of art. Always pushing forward and crossing boundaries in both life and art. 

Though he is just beginning his long journey in both painting and religion, J.Mc is always looking for ways to better himself as both a person and artist. jmcmurtryart

Cork and Chello

Listen to Your Papi

Personal Business

Elk Chef #9

Untitled-Skulls on Yellow Paper

Artist Bio Pic

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