Thursday, October 19, 2017

Day 259: Kathy Taylor

Kathy Taylor

Artist Statement
Most of my work starts without an initial drawing but is preceded by many hours of research and thought. This creative process begins with an idea bubbling into my consciousness.  As the paint hits the painting surface, the images begin to reveal themselves.  I prefer to work on a large format using masonite or canvas. I may start by gluing paper to the board or by randomly applying colors to which I feel drawn.  As the piece develops, the forms take shape. Gesso, paint and more paper is applied and the creative process begins all over again.  It may take weeks or months to complete a painting. In the end is a merging of horse and human.

Growing up in Southern California during the “60’s”, Kathy Taylor was exposed to endless change and a bohemian life style.   Although Taylor currently resides in Phoenix Arizona and calls the desert her home, it is the influences from her childhood that have played the greatest role in her journey as an artist.  Ever the “truth seeker”, Taylor has spent the past 35 years as a professional artist exploring the inner workings of the mind as well as personal development. 
Kathy has studied with numerous artists throughout her career but credits artist Dick Phillips as her greatest influence and mentor.  She now adds teaching to her resume with full classes in her Creative Development courses at Studio 6020 which helps to nurture “budding” artists!

Taylor exhibits in galleries throughout Southwest, Pacific Northwest and Europe.  Her work is in numerous collections including:  Chandler Center for the Arts, Chandler, AZ;   AT&T, Phoenix, AZ;   Campeau Corporation, Boston, MA; Juhl Marketing Inc., Scottsdale, AZ; Stroebe, Zine & Assoc., Portland, OR 
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