Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Day 244: Dain Quentin Gore

Dain Q. Gore

“Painting is my religion; my church, the studio. Puppetry is my ritual; my prayers, the stories therein.”

 Bio: Dain Q. Gore is a painter, art professor, and part-time puppeteer. Having carefully studied obscure stories of many cultures, he presents cosmic myths mixed with apocryphal and controversial philosophies in a humorous way. Mr. Gore has shown his art from Beijing to Santa Fe and has lectured at ASU and performed with The Great Arizona Puppet Theater. Statement: My current investigations merge paintings with puppetry and its theatrical illusion of subjectively formed, artificial realities. The pieces are not flat: they are built up, puzzlelike, implying kinetics and dimension. The choice of material is reflective of the beliefs that still haunt me: impermanent, fragile, ever-changing, and not altogether fully formed.

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