Thursday, August 31, 2017

Day 210:Colin Holmes

About Me:
I studied Computer Science and Math at the University of Arizona, but after academia those subjects never resonated with me in practice. It was always the amazing facets and culture of the bicycle that I kept finding myself drawn to; it's efficient, sustainable, healthy, and most of all fun! I find happiness and inspiration from the bicycle.

Artist Statement:
A key element to my art is my broader passion for recycling and sustainability. I strive to take what little waste our recycling center BICAS produces, and upcycle it into art and functional creations. To make beauty and art from trash is an engaging challenge that both puzzles and motivates me.


Cherry Shelves

Desert Scene



Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Day 209: Stacie Schimke

Creating is my passion and my purpose. I am inspired by design: graphic, architectural, object, interior, and the combinaton of color and texture. The creative process makes me feel alive. I am self-taught and adhere to the notion that less is more.

I never know how a piece will turn out. Sometimes I choose a word or a poem and interpret the meaning onto a canvas. I paint until the piece resembles the feeling I get from reading the poem or the word. I use many tools when I paint; a palette knife, a brush, a scraper, a roller, my hands. 

I live and work in Phoenix, and Flagstaff, Arizona, with my brilliant border collie, Finnbar, and the love of my life, Tom.

also on Saatchi Art -

Global Warming

Voltaic 3

Voltaic 2

Paris Rooftop

Emotion 1

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Day 208:Sheri Harris

My name is Sheri Harris.  I’m a retired Federal government employee from Virginia who moved to the Sonoran Desert of Arizona after falling completely in love with it.  I spent 28 years working at some of the highest levels of government writing speeches, compiling reports, and managing web-based projects.  Stress and politics took their toll, but now, I live in a place that calls to my spirit and soothes my soul.  Now I feel the urge to create--whether through gardening, gourmet cooking, or art.  My art centers around carving and embellishing dried gourds though I continue to enjoy mixed media painting.  All of my work focuses on some aspect of nature.  I share a special kinship with the natural world, and I try to infuse my creations with the positive energy nature gives me.  I take great pleasure in knowing my art has brought joy to someone else.  I also use my art as a way to help others by donating proceeds from the sale of some pieces to animal charities and wildlife rehabilitation centers.  

My work can be found in my online Etsy store at .  I also host a Facebook page that not only features my work, but the work of other nature artists, as well as photos, videos, stories, and factoids about wildlife, the natural world, Earth science, and the Sonoran Desert: .

Owl of the Snow, SOLD

Gourded Gila
Hibiscus Dreams

English Rose and Hummingbirds, SOLD

Elves of the Saguaro, one side 

Elves of the Saguaro, other side

Bats of the World, SOLD

Bat Ornaments, SOLD

Hummingbird Ornaments

Monday, August 28, 2017

Day 207: Kenosha Drucker

My work offers a glimpse into a world of my own creation. Perhaps it’s a parallel universe, a dreamscape, an imagining of outer space or the microscopic, or a snapshot of our own world in the distant past or future. Through the lens of this other place I can explore and escape my own reality.


Chimera 7

Little Machine 3

Experiment 5 Million

Day 1232

Chimera 1

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Day 206:Vanessa Ortiz Zapata

Cactus Hike

Blue Bird

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Day 205:Darrin Armijo-Wardle

  Darrin Armijo-Wardle remixes iconic portraits for the purpose of exploring social, economic and political issues. Like work by Kehinde Wiley, and Banksy, Armijo-Wardle’s paintings and murals, with dramatic brushwork paying homage to 19th century masters, a gallery of colorful political activists and celebrities, and bold color, turn political art upside down to examine complexity and ambiguity. Interested in propaganda and the darker themes that lie underneath, Armijo-Wardle pulls you in with his passionate work to ask questions about social justice and political action in the American psyche.

instagram: @darrinarmijowardle

Conquista Arizona

Conquista Fernandez

Conquista Cox

Conquista McKesson

Conquista Refugees

Friday, August 25, 2017

Day 204:Paige Sullivan

 I have been painting all of my life. I earned my BFA from Arizona State University. My work has been published in datebooks, a wall calendar, note cards and a 30 Year Anthology by Mother Tongue Ink. I was the ART360 Artist for October for the Arizona Science Center in 2015. They animated my paintings into a short film which they projected onto the ceiling of the Dorrance Planetarium. Currently, my work is in the Storm Wisdom gallery in Phoenix, A Peace of the Universe in Scottsdale and Tree of Life Metaphysical in Gilbert.

Three Mermaids

Chocolate Circle


Jaguar Dreams

Six by Swords

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Day 203:Janelle Krause


Janelle Krause is a weaver and educator currently residing in Tucson, AZ. In May of 2017 she will have completed her MFA in Studio Art from the University of Arizona. Originally from Iowa, Krause received her BFA in painting from the University of Iowa in Iowa City, IA along with a minor in art history and a K-12 teaching license in art. Janelle is currently working on completing a woven installation which will be exhibited in the Joseph Gross Gallery on the University of Arizona campus (reception April 20th). She has had her work exhibited in several shows in Tucson such as "High Fiber" (Conrad Wilde Gallery, 2016), "Common Threads" (Tucson Mayor's Gallery, 2016) and "X is for Xenophobia" (Steinfeld Warehouse 2017). Krause can be contacted, and more of her work can be found on Instagram @jlkrause. 

Artist Statement:

It's quiet here, like the silence from snowfall, like walking into a basement where all of the lights are turned off. Weaving with monofilament is where it began. This unyielding silvery substance that captures the light in a passing glance transfixes me. The more I stare, the more I obsess over this quality, and the more my mind wanders. Little flashes of captured luminescence become flashes of memory – an imagined piece of life. My attention shifts inward as these memories come to life in recreated moments of light, color, and sound. Staring further, I alter the memories to make stories of my own. Now, I've imagined so much I'm not certain where the memories end and where the stories I tell myself begin – my imagined space is not the reality. This brings me out from my warm, imagined space and I see now where I truly reside. It's a place where the memory used to be. All that is left is the disintegrating scaffolding of a memory's origin; tattered ruins in both memory and mind. 

Instagram @jlkrause

Silent like Snowfall Series

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Day 202: John Randall Nelson

Nelson embraces the concept of artist as story teller, a chronicler of contemporary culture. His symbolic amalgamations, which often consist of a central image superimposed over a collage of symbols and text (anything from art criticism to nursery rhymes), make intuitive sense of the inundation that we experience in what Nelson sees as our “over-communicated, how-to world.”

Be Okay

Flying Tit over Kmart


Wooden Puppets

Young Could Be