Saturday, August 26, 2017

Day 205:Darrin Armijo-Wardle

  Darrin Armijo-Wardle remixes iconic portraits for the purpose of exploring social, economic and political issues. Like work by Kehinde Wiley, and Banksy, Armijo-Wardle’s paintings and murals, with dramatic brushwork paying homage to 19th century masters, a gallery of colorful political activists and celebrities, and bold color, turn political art upside down to examine complexity and ambiguity. Interested in propaganda and the darker themes that lie underneath, Armijo-Wardle pulls you in with his passionate work to ask questions about social justice and political action in the American psyche.

instagram: @darrinarmijowardle

Conquista Arizona

Conquista Fernandez

Conquista Cox

Conquista McKesson

Conquista Refugees

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