Sunday, August 6, 2017

Day 185: Sylvia Frost

I am curious and love to explore! And, since I've been on the planet a while, I've had the chance to experiment with many artistic processes: photography, ceramics, painting, metal work, multimedia installations, moldmaking and casting in slip, resin concrete, ice, etc. A recent phase involved casting ice forms then watching them melt in public. My most current work has been in collaboration with a local artist, particledots.  We just had an installation called 'Eidola' at the Alwun House’s Lighthouse show. It involved mirrors, the idea of infinite identities, and David Bowie plaster casts!
One glance at my Instagram feed and it’s evident I'm in love with shadow and reflection, the beauty of Nature, and the often unseen magical patterns in the everyday.

The trouble is you think you have time

The trouble is you think you have time

Resin cat with cassia blooms

For the garden (negative/positive)
Ramon (Kintsukuroi)

Beanstalk (plasma cut steel)