Sunday, August 13, 2017

Day 192: Lucretia Torva

The three R’s: Realism, Reflection and Refraction. These have been informing my art since my last year of my BFA. Glass, mirrors, mylar, metal, brocade, water and skin have all played a part in my search for that wonderful tease of distorted visual reality.

I have always created realistic art, sometimes more surreal, other times more straightforward. My desire is to prompt people to look at their own environment with more care and attention, to really SEE and experience it. We experience our world through our senses. Being sensually attuned brings us to a greater spiritual awareness.

Deep spiritual experience aside, I also enjoy entertaining people. Art can be an escapist experience, pulling the viewer away from their everyday habits. This is a very important aspect of the experience of art. We all need to be jolted out of our complaisance, stimulated out of ordinariness… brought to life with a breath of fresh air. With my realism, I offer a different perspective or viewpoint.

Cars were an important subject from 2009-2015. I use the subject of cars to tap into people’s emotions, sentiment and psyche. Cars represent some of the best in humans...their creativity and ingenuity! A car is an iconic American experience representing freedom, individuality, cutting edge technology, competition, luxury, speed, brotherhood, camaraderie, family, unity, teamwork, etc.

The car as an object is a beautiful form, full of color, reflections and interesting details. There is plenty of visual stimulation and elements for abstract compositions. I have been told by “non” car people that they enjoy my work.

The water paintings are a great example of distorted visual reality. The water helps to create a fantasy, dream-like scene. The scenes push my choice of colors and the extent to which I am willing to distort something I am familiar with. The subject of water seems to goad me into using my realism for a greater purpose than mere duplication, to express universal desires and seek a clue of parallel universes.

Since 2015, I have used the realism of my painting more in service of enigmatic and mysterious ideas: a zebra’s stripes as water refractions, a crisp-edged profile in the middle of the ocean, an oversized pawn in the moonlight. I have always been drawn to Surrealism and the realm of the subconscious, especially in the art of Magritte. It is possible to reach a broad audience across cultures with a twist of perspective or an unlikely contrast.

In addition to my “easel” paintings, I actively seek large mural commissions. The scale of the image and the paint application give me an exciting challenge. Plus, a mural in a busy location is art that so many people can see!

Even though I create art for myself, ultimately, it must go out in the world to reach it’s full potential. It must be seen.

Silver Dream


Pulling Strings

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