Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Day 194: Dean Reynolds

Dean Reynolds
Instagram: DeanReynoldsArtist

My work is a mixture of various influences; Surrealism, Illustration, Religion, Mythology, and the writings of Carl Jung and other Jungian psychologists. There is an element of chance in the work in the beginning stages but the overall development is one of careful design and precise construction of the image. The outward impression is one of humor but there is a seriousness that underlies the surface. The overabundance of details is my compulsion for rendering information and to pull the viewer into the work.  The work is posing complex connections and references, like the Surrealist and Jungian psychology, this gives the viewer a path to take to make their own discoveries. To conclude I am conjuring up these works from many elements that reflects the world around myself and the worlds within.

The Cosmic Dharma Bears

The Walker

Psychopomp Manabohzo

Tower of Creation

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