Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Day 195: Kara Marshall (Karma Jean Art)

My name is Kara Marshall and my art business is Karma Jean Art. I remember growing up and going to art fairs with my mother and aunt throughout the Midwest. My mother made dried flowered arrangements and my aunt painted anything and everything. I remember enjoying the art, but because it was work for us, I do not recall loving the creative part of it. It was more of a chore, and I had little interest.

After moving to the city, I fell in love with art in middle school. My art teacher helped me discover my passion for it and that continued on into high school. Even though I was told I was not good enough and had my work thrown away, there was a desire deep inside me, and I wanted to pursue it. I did not know how with my own self doubt eating away at my soul.

As a Spanish and Art teacher in Arizona for 6 years, I would use projects and bulletin boards as my creative outlet. I also enjoyed making the examples as well as seeing my students using painting, drawing, cooking and performance as guidance. I was the first to volunteer to make posters or use my artistic skills in any way. I did not realize the joy it brought me to share my art and encourage the students that repeatedly said, 'I can't,' and turning it around to an I can. Little did I realize how much of an impact it had on my life, as I reflect back now.  

After completing a leadership program in 2013, I was able to muster up enough courage and bring 4 paintings I had completed to Bodega, a co-op store located on Roosevelt Row. She put me on the schedule for First Friday Art Walk. I had 2 months to prepare, and I had 12 works to display November 2013. I burnt myself out because, it wasn't until 2 years after, that I finally figured out that I needed to share my talent, not only for myself, but for others who struggle finding their own passion and dream. 

Fast forward to May 2016....I was unable to work as I had an injury that pretty much left me bed ridden for 4 months and away from work for 9 months one year and 5 the next. I knew in my heart, that I needed to ignite my inner Frida Kahlo in order to rekindle the artist within. I could sit for about 10 minutes at a time and this would leave me in bed for 3 days. Slowly and surely, I made myself dig deep and was able to start my self discovery. It wasn't easy. As a matter of fact, I still find some doubt, yet find the courage to keep moving forward. The most difficult thing for me is to create. I can paint or draw anything you put in front of me. I had to figure out how to stop thinking so much and just create. 

I have been painting and drawing more consistently for 2 years now. I entered my first juried art show in 2016 (the first since HS) and was accepted. I entered this past year and was accepted into The Celebration of Artists at the West Valley Art Museum, again. I want to somehow find my niche. I may have a few; who knows. What I do know is that I was given this talent and have to share it. I believe we all have a purpose and mine is to encourage others to find their hidden talent and passion. We all were born with one and certain people and obstacles find a way to block us. I stumble on the same path along with others. Some were given the support and encouragement while growing up and many of us were not. I think we use work and other excuses to cover this up. We all know the saying, 'Money doesn't make you happy.' Deep down, we all know what does. I finally broke down the walls in my way and know everyone has the ability to do the same. 

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