Thursday, June 29, 2017

Day 147: Jamie Korb

Current Icehouse artist, Jamie 'Von' Korb,  returned to Phoenix, January 2014, from twenty years in the New York City area.  
My connection to Phoenix started after spending my childhood in Wisconsin. This is where the family influence exposed me to art in forms of centrifugal casting and silversmith benchwork. 
 Ten years of living in the Sonoran desert,  restlessness set in.  With the help of a friend, I went to 'find' myself in New York city. 
New York city and The Hudson River valley were my stomping grounds for two decades!
  Often visiting the Jasper Cropsey Foundation, just steps away from home,  I was overwhelmed with the  historical collection of the Hudson River Artists. That, just one facet of inspiration to draw the Hudson River and staunch New Jersey Palisades.  So many wonderful artistic influences in the city:  Working at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, exploring  art collections, be it gallery,  museums,  or local art festivals,  I was immersed in the cultural capital of the world.  Volunteer work as an artist in residence  at St Barts for ten years , so rewarding to share what i know as an artist to children.  
Bracelets and earrings made with crystals and semi prescious stones are easy to make while traveling.    
After twisting soldering styles,  and, trading small semi precious stones for textured and colored glass,  my small jewelery transformed into  larger 'window jewelry' in 1996, after completing a stained glass class at SUNY Purchase. 
Winning a juried competition, in 2009, I was a Guest Artist at Degrazia museum in Tucson.  This opportunity inspired me to create a 'Stations of the Cross' series of abstract stained glass crosses. 
Abstract Botanical pieces followed the Stations of the Cross series.  
Photography is another form of art that captures my delight.   I find myself drawing whimsical treehouses too.
Internationally collected, with over one hundred shows and commissions,  I continue the creative quest in the brilliance of Phoenix Arizona. 

Make an appointment to stop by the VonKorb studio at The Icehouse,  429 W Jackson St. Phoenix AZ 85003. 

Facebook:  Jamie Korb



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