Monday, June 5, 2017

Day123: Leanne Carol Miller

Leanne C. Miller was born in Phoenix AZ, and relocated to San Francisco, CA to attend San Francisco Art Institute, graduating in 2005. She remained in the Bay Area until 2012, showing work in California and New York and participated in curating shows at various establishments as well as joining the "San Pancho Art Collective", S.P.A.C., which opened the Incline Gallery, SF in 2010, ( Leanne was also commissioned by many organizations to create murals all over San Francisco. She decided to leave her adopted home and return to the desert to work toward an MFA at the University of Arizona, receiving her degree in May 2015. You can see more of her work and stay up to date at, to see murals and community work go to To make Purchases see my Society6 profile link on the home page for prints/reproductions, or contact me here for originals, or giclee' prints at


In an attempt to abridge a "statement", I will simply share with you that I am interested in textures and patterns, many found in nature. The natural world is a refuge for me, every time I venture out into nature, I come back feeling more whole, less crazy and frazzled by everyday life. My head is cleared. As my work becomes more minimal, focusing on the colors I have seen and the textures I encountered. The bark of a tree, the shape of a cactus, the way sturdy desert grasses blow in the wind. Those places seems rare and under protected, as if they will disappear at any moment, fragile. I have a desire for their conservation.
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from 100 Squares project, 2016

from Monsoon Inspirations series

from Desert Metronome series

from Material Tendencies series

from Drawing 2015 series: nonobjective, mixed media



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