Thursday, June 15, 2017

Day 133: Nikka Brooks Cullum

Nikka Brooks-Cullum is an Arizona native, who has shown her artwork in AZ, CA, and Germany; in both pubic and private venues. The subject of Nikka's work is ever evolving. At the moment she is really enjoying Pyrography, and doing a lot of botanical pieces. After she burns her design on the wood, she paints with acrylic washes to preserve the visibility of the wood grain. In order to not cover the burned line she usually uses a very small brush to apply the paint. She doesn't see herself as someone who creates art to sale, many of her paintings are a visual conversation she needed to have with herself, or the world at large. Most of her art is for sale though, to clear the air, allow for growth and new conversations. She likes to celebrate the beauty of nature and bring those images to the forfront of thought. Nikka is currently attending ASU Downtown, where she is working towards a Bachelor's in Parks and Recreation Management, with an emphasis in Therapeutic Recreation. She would like to be an art therapist and work primarily with fellow veterans and other adults, who could benefit from the self expression and self discovery that Nikka herself found in creating art. Her Instagram handle is theartofnikka. She also has a Facebook fanpage: TheArtofNikka, and an art collective website with her photographer husband that may contain some NSFW images;

instagram: theartofnikka

The Blue Lady

Make your own gravity

The North Star

The Dew Drops

Petals and Steel

Widl Blue Phlox 

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