Monday, June 26, 2017

Day 144: Gum Francis (Katherine Fowler)

My name is Katherine Fowler I have gone by the name Gum Francis and underwearonly for writing and art purposes; have made art for fun mostly making flyers for shows or designing signage or spray painting statues or editing clothes since 2007 and more in 2009 when I moved to phoenix to attend university (creative writing) from sedona where I grew up. Survivor of incest and on the autism spectrum. I had a clothing exchange club on Roosevelt and did shows and birthday parties before really feeling comfortable with seeing my art or thinking anything about it.  As a writer, art wasn't a priority to me until I fell hard and had to explain my torrents to him and other loved ones. So last year I learned how to make cool digital pieces and drew a lot on my phone which was amazing for my confidence and inspired me to paint some more paint things and edit more clothes and make more art outside and sing more and try harder and improve my writing and generally work the various areas of interest my art and lifeband business are attracting /creating. Here are some of my favorite pieces along with some crowd pleasers showing my meme, glitch, paint, photography, and digital drawing practices. My work is available through me via print or installation or download or commission but a digital gallery on instagram can be found @underwearonly  and on fb via the page PLUR for more clothing-specific swap posts. Looking to get in at ALAC this week so working on more stuff to go there such as paintings.
 Instagram: @underwearonly  

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