Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Day 125: Kathyrn Hrtako

Artist statement:
There is an abstract association between different series of my work. There exists an ebb and flow of underlying tones of pessimism and optimism varying according to my life circumstances and reciprocating the internal tensions I experience. Each piece becomes an extension of myself. My whole life I have been a creature of solitude, choosing to view the world through the gaze of a fly on the wall- simply surveying the world around me, catching moments of unease and awkwardness and internal soliloquies. I see myself in these moments of inner solitude and transpose them to correspond to my own anxieties. 

My work is additionally a large display of patterns. I find myself more and more drawn to patterns- not just noticing them throughout my daily life, but seeking them out. I find them in all faucets of reality, revealing themselves in the subtlest of ways both visually and in a nonocular, ambiguous nature- this is a way of seeing the interconnectedness that exists. I seek to reveal the truth that there is a connectedness we are all a part of, that we are each a small part of a whole.

-Kathryn Hratko

"Untitled" 48” x 72”, Oil on canvas

"10:4672” x 70”, Oil on canvas

“Stephanie” 49” x 34”, Oil on canvas

“Untitled [Self-Portrait as Teapot]” 41” x 43”, Oil on canvas

    “The Itch”40” x 28”, Oil on canvas