Sunday, June 25, 2017

Day 143: Sarah Kennedy

About the artist:
 Sarah Kennedy lives in southern Arizona where she indulges her love of the natural world and horses.   Her art falls across a wide spectrum from energetic, colorful mosaics created with hand crafted tile to oil paintings rendered in realistic, fine detail.  The vast array of color and life in the Sonoran desert and ancient and contemporary southwest culture provide inspiration for themes in her work.
 Sarah has loved creating art since she was 6 years old. Her art has been collected and displayed in juried shows across the region, winning numerous awards.  She is a member of Oil Painters of America; American Women Artists, American Academy of Equine Artists   and is the president of   Women Artists of the West.
Sarah’s family includes 3 adult children, her husband, her horse Blue and two cats.

About the mosaics:
The figures and symbols in these mosaics are influenced by many visits to petroglyph sites in Arizona and across the southwest. This work is intended to capture the energy, mystery, beauty and story depicted at these sites.
The process of creating these mosaics requires time and patience. Each tile is unique in design and is cut free-hand with a small blade from rolled sheets of clay. The pieces are air-dried, glazed and kiln-fired twice, once for color and again for detail.  Tiles are set within a rustic metal frame or on a glass surface and may also contain elements of cut glass, glass gems and found objects.  A sanded grout is applied to complete the mosaic and it is finished with a protective sealant. Mosaics may be displayed indoors or out.
About the paintings:
As a small child, I was captivated with the CW Anderson’s children’s books with his beautiful illustrations and stories of horses.  It was my goal to work out every detail of my own horse drawings carefully in crayon.
As an adult artist, working primarily in oil,  I enjoy still enjoy creating  realistic detail and using light and color to convey textures, shapes, mood and the emotional field between horses and people. The time I spend riding and with my own horse informs my painting and has resulted in completing over 50 equine commissions. The exactness of this work balances nicely with the fluidity of my tile shapes and mosaics.
Etsy store: bluehorsefineart,
Facebook: kennedy desert art
Instagram: bluerideraz

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