Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Day 124:Kyle Johnston

Johnston’s outsider resonant and complex assemblages of desiccated wooden boxes, worn figurines and various found objects and his elaborate collages produced from salvaging text and illustrations of old discarded books, magazines, and newspapers, draws inspiration from the styling of the California Funk art movement and Dadaism. The art presents a capricious nature that combines classical, religious, and contemporary iconography into vignettes, which the viewing audience can experience via a haunting sense of mystery or vestiges of thought and process that evoke emotion and memories both inaccessible and recognizable. A mixture of technical techniques such as painting, assembling, collage, and antiquing the unpredictable surfaces gives the artwork an appearance of misused, forgotten, attic, or discarded.


Emma's High chair

Springs Charm

The Monk's Fortune

Wood Asemblage

Coronation one

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