Thursday, November 23, 2017

Day 294: Bela Fidel

Bela Fidel

 A Short Biography

I was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil. I lived in Israel for eight and a half years (between 1965 and 1973) and moved to the U.S. in 1984. Living in different countries and experienc ing a variety of cultures has greatly enriched me both as a person and as an artist. My paintings are abstract in oils and encaustic (hot wax ). Before turning to abstraction I painted in the classic represe ntational and surrealist styles, including portraits in the Rembrandt manner. For the past 15 years I’ve had my own studio in Scottsdale, where I paint and teach Oils and E ncaustics. There is a constant interplay between my work with these two mediums, as they “feed” me and complete me in very different ways. My other passion is working on behalf of animals, both domestic and wild. I live with my husband (poet, lyricist and mar keting consultant), one dog and one cat.

Artist Statement

In my work in both oils and encaustics I seek the elegance of simplicity, the richness of experience, the depth of feelings and the allure of uncompromising aesthetics. In my “Zen Series” (both in oils and encaustics) I wish to convey a rich personal artistic experience in a minimalist, Zen-like style. My most current “Transition Series” (Oils), a move to Abstract Expressionism, brings to the fore my “other self”. It’s as if the Zen Series took me to deep, quiet wells and once I drank from them and was sated, my creative energy bubbled to the surface in an explosion of colors and shapes, expressive lines and subtle marks. The “Zen” approach is inverted in the sense that my creativity is reflected outwardly while, at the same time, trusting my inner resources and artistic intuition. I am in constant search for my truest expression. Each painting strives for new discoveries, struggles with doubts and teaches me about myself. Each painting is, therefore, my pursuit of errands of truth. 


Dawn X, oil

Galaxy 4X6, oil

Cityscape II, encaustic

Evolution II, encaustic

Sunset, mixed media

White I, mixed media