Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Day 278: Hector Fernando Garcia

I believe and hold to be true that the art I make is meant to be made.  There is an audience out there for it, and even though I don't pretend that my art is better than anyone elses, there is a sort of honesty to it.  I as a child had know I wanted to be an artist, but my dream lost its tenacity.  Since I've started making and showing art, though, I've felt right living in my true skin.  I'm absurd, and my art is a reflection of the absurdities of life.  My favorite color is red, I abuse the use of it, and all my past works have been a documentation of my experience as an artist on Roosevelt Row.  

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                                                              The Suburbs (Guy on hospital bed)

Feline Frenzy

Nesting (Girl in nest one)

 Embrace (two boys kissing)

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