Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Day 279: Amii Lou Weller

Artist:  Amii Lou Weller
    Amii Weller’s main work of art is in surrealist style. Her dream like images are her way of grasping the reality of Heaven. She has frequent, vividly colorful dreams that inspire most of her work. She is regularly commissioned to do portraits of people or pets, book cover designs and book illustrations for novels, poetry and children’s books. She also teaches Art at Fourteen Six Christian Academy, Michael’s Arts and Craft Store and online here at
    One of Amii’s favorite things to do is create Art with her very Artistically talented daughter, Sarah. Amii’s artwork is greatly inspired by her close family and friends which she enjoys spending time with aside from her busy schedule. Her work is also inspired by a few Artists ;  Rob Gonzalves, Salvador Dali and Maurits Cornelis Escher. These Artist have inspired Amii’s surrealist nature in their imaginative approach in creating illusions and unusual perspectives. The works of artist  Akiane Kramarik  have taught Amii how to tap into the true source of how to be creative with her work. Amii says “From the source of creation itself, I never fail to come up with new ideas and never lose passion to create Art.”

    Amii is currently working on a surrealistic series of oil paintings called   “ Irrevocable Reverie ” . She has incorporated different 3D sculptural aspects in each piece. The series is sort of a whimsical, Alice in wonderland, dreamlike weightless land with hour glasses, pocket watches, floating castles, contortionists and spiral staircases. She is also continuing abstract paint pour series with her daughter whenever it rains or sprinkles outside. “ In the rain it’s as if God was reaching down painting with us” . With these abstract paintings Amii has also been adding Bible verse collages in the shape of a human figure in action. Amii is making them into t-shirts and by this time next year will have a whole line for sale on her website.

Angel Wings 3

Wedding Day

Castles in the Sky

Machiavellian Cheshire 

Artist Portrait

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