Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Day 293:Monica Wapaha

Monica Wapaha Multi-Media Artist
White Mountain Apache/Tohono O’odham 

Monica Wapaha is a multimedia artist, mother of three, and is from the Fort Apache Indian Reservation. Her art often addresses current issues that Indigenous women face in today's world. The art embraces these issues and also reflects her life experiences. Monica is a graduate of The Institute of American Indian Arts in Santa Fe, NM earning her AFA and BFA. She is currently attending Arizona State University and is in the MFA Printmaking Program.  

Artist Statement
My art explores topics about social issues, identity of Indigenous women and my heritage. This is done by overlaying and combining western films, pop culture, social media and true reservation life into my art to disrupt stereotypes.

IG: MonicaWapaha
Twitter: @MonicaTheSavage
Facebook: Monica Wapaha
The Revenge 2016 photogravure 10”x10”
Reclaiming old photographs of Apache women from Edward S. Curtis series of the North American Indian.

The Covered Story of Pocahontas, 2017 sandcasting paper 11”x13
The story of Pocahontas is one of the most misinterpreted stories with in American history and has drawn plenty of stereotypes of Indigenous women in the United States. With Walt Disney’s Princess Pocahontas, the main source of a false story told to children.

Don’t Trend On Me 2017 silkscreen various sizes:
Cultural appropriation and stereotypes on Indigenous culture through artist performance, Fashion, costumes, and films. I am not a trend, I’m a real person.

He Left 2016 mixed media 24”x24”
Social media breakups and Passive Aggressive behaviors can take its toll on women but there is also humor through it as well as entertainment.

Rez Life 2016 inkjet print 11”x14”

 Twist on the Life magazine and making it Rez Life. Rez is the abbreviation/slang for reservation. Today the media will cover every outlet except reservation life especially when it comes to hard topics such as: DAPL, Native mascots, stereotype films. . 

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