Sunday, November 12, 2017

Day 283:Delaney Thomas

About Me

Honestly every time I even attempt to fill out an ‘About Me’ box on Facebook, Twitter, or any social media accounts I feel slightly horrified. Even when I meet someone new and they ask me the wondrous question,

“So, tell me about yourself?”

I literally want to stab myself with a spork. Not because I do not or cannot share a few facts about me it is simply because I mentally cannot piece myself together enough to share in a cohesive sentence over a cup of coffee with a new acquaintance. I just have no clue where to begin like should tell them about how I have never eaten ribs (the way they look physically bothers me), my favorite food is green curry (I would eat it everyday if I could), or how about that the most horrible sound to me is the metal bit on a pencil eraser scrapping on paper? Those are all aspects about me so it should count.

I am a scatter-brained individual.

That is another characteristic about me so we will start with that. I have at least fifteen different projects going on all at once. Whether it be paintings, video schemes, or business ideas I am always moving. Life it always moving forward and I defiantly showcase that on a day to day bases.

One of the many reasons why I started painting and drawing in the first place was because I have a million thoughts going on at once. I am inspired by anything, everything and I had to find a way to articulate my ideas or else I would pay for it by being an emotional wreck twenty-three hours a day. Writing took too much time to express my innovations (ironic because I’m writing this now but I have put in a good three hours typing this so appreciate this garbage) I am way to impatient too log every single thought of mine. Poetry was too angsty for me I cannot even make mac and cheese without it turing into soup let alone write a metaphor. I attempted to play instruments which ended up with me ashamed that I was not the next Joan Jett as soon as I picked up the guitar. Some how as soon as I settled on a paint brush and a watercolor set it felt natural, it all fell into place. I did not choose painting it chose me.

Painting was where I was supposed to be. Not the next rockstar. Not the next Emily Dickinson. I could paint parts of me to show the world. I could display my desire, my animosity, or my woe in a picture for people too see. I do not even have to speak.

If I cannot form my thoughts into words I can do it in actions. Every flick of the paintbrush, drop of paint, and dust of charcoal is a little bit of me. In the end you have a portion of me on canvas and that is better than any description on Instagram that I have even attempted to write.

So did this ‘about me’ suffice?

Warmest regards,

Delaney Marie Thomas
Delaney Marie Designs

Journey of Love

Perfect Paper Airplane

Bat Hat Crazy

Tea Party

Trying to Hide

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