Saturday, November 18, 2017

Day 289: Cyphers (Javier Gonzalez Jr)

Artist Statement: Perspective is everything. Various art styles created throughout the years by artists of the past are proof that although perspectives may be different, sometimes the message is the same. My work follows and is inspired by the likes of Van Gogh and Picasso as well as Leonardo Davinci. The infinite journey towards expressionism, knowledge and truth as well as having the ability to paint my soul on canvas for the audience to experience is something that has driven me to produce art. It is said, that in the beginning artists created art in order to preserve history. My current body of work, for the most part, focuses on the use of acrylic paints to foster my ideas into fruition.

In a past era devoid of computers where alien technology was unavailable, artists were driven to conserve their culture for future generations to learn from. My vision is to share the emotions I have felt in the past as well as commemorate events in my life that have had memorable effects on me in hopes of provoking the viewer to look within themselves to share and empathize in the experience seamlessly creating a bond with the viewer and artist alike. Whether it be realistic or abstract, my goal is to inspire the world to connect, to laugh, to cry, to empathize, to feel the pain, to feel the love, to feel the sorrow, to feel what it truly means to be alive. It is my goal to empathize, spread love and connect with the people of the world.
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