Monday, November 6, 2017

Day 277: Jeff Ferst

 I am a colourist. I have a keen interest in the Sonoran desert and in nature in general. My work draws from my life in the desert, an encounter with nature, and combines with a spiritual reaction to everyday events and experiences. The result is twofold – a series of colorful and heavily textured landscapes of our big sky locale developed from photos taken of Tucson and area sunsets; and also a series of much more deconstructed/abstracted landscapes which tell tales of life in the desert.
My working process for these deconstructed landscapes is a direct one, usually with no preliminary drawing. A canvas will develop as a spontaneous, free-flowing conversation between me and the painting, with the completed work the result of a very organic process.
There is a strong subconscious element to this work, with each painting taking on a life of its own. These canvases tell stories of life in the desert – color and shapes play against one another to create impressions of plant and animal life, the land and mountains, sky and cloud formation. These elements resonate with audiences who can draw their own experiences from the paintings.

Which Way Desert Wind

The Good Life

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