Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Day 286: Dani Fisher

Dani Fisher was born in Reading, PA from a creative family.  She has been creating art and music her entire life.  She knew at a young age the power of the creative spirit.   Her accomplishments in art, music, and performance have always gained praise from her connected communities and beyond, since an early age.  With degrees in art therapy, art education, and religious studies, Dani chose to spend her first years after graduation immersed in communities that needed art more as healing than a grade. She spent several years as a crisis counselor for teens, and working in inner city schools. She always used art as common ground.  Nowadays, you'll find her at Clayote Studios, where she offers therapeutic and healing clay classes for any age or ability.

Raku You 16X20 Acrylic

Wolf Mother 4X5 foot

Spirit of Window Rock 24X36

The Memory acrylic on wood with epoxy, 2by4 foot

Clay play at Clayote

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