Friday, November 10, 2017

Day 281: Nancy Christy Moore

Artist’s Statement

Nancy Christy-Moore

Making my paintings happen by creating chaos and bringing order to it is my trademark style which has developed over the past thirty-plus years.  Using intuitive painting techniques (I call it “inner painting”) and drawing on my subconscious for imagery, I compose paintings as I go.  Rather than planning a composition I start with colors poured on the substrate in a loose abstract design, then as I discover hidden images, develop them.  Building the painting using this layering process keeps my paintings freshly spontaneous and engaging to me.  Using strong color with energetic movement expresses my emotional attachments to the subject matter while telling the story I find within each painting as I bring it to completion.

Nancy Christy-Moore, signature member of IEA

Endless Spirit 72

Twilight Spirits

Thunder Spirits 72

Blooms 65

Blooms 92