Sunday, November 19, 2017

Day 290: Sharon Sieben

Artist’s Statement I like to paint what I think is there, not just what I see. I sometimes use a photo as a source but find, after a short time, I’ve stopped referring to it; At this point, I have begun to put my impressions and feelings onto the canvas rather than details. As a child I loved to “finger paint” and I’m sure that child is still there in the loose expressive style seen in my work. Favorite subjects are Figurative Work or Cityscapes. Sometimes, my cityscapes will drill down to city scenes, incorporating figures as well. I try to capture the “hustle and bustle’’ of urban life and moods of people in gestures. Working primarily with acrylic and oil pigments, there is also frequent use of collage materials, mediums and marking pencils/crayons to develop texture and interest areas. I paint on paper that has been bonded to wood cradles or on Gallery Wrap Canvas. In both cases the edges are finished and all of my paintings are coated with archival varnish, ready to hang without a frame. It is my hope that viewers will share my vision and can find their own personal connection with the piece.

Moment to Reflect

Bryant Park

Not Happy About That

Out of the Blue

Peace and Quiet

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