Thursday, April 27, 2017

Day 84: Anne Coe

Anne Coe

Artist Statement 

The land and creatures that surround my desert studio are often my greatest inspiration.  Although I paint many non-desert subjects, it is the solitude and stark beauty of the upper Sonoran Desert that become the metaphor of my work.  My paintings often deal with the conflicts between the wild and tame worlds.  It is filled with irony, humor, pathos and contradiction and as such represents the ambivalence we humans have always felt for the natural world.  We love it and yet want to possess and define it and therefore, by extension, limit it.  This we all know, in the end, is folly.


Anne Coe is a true daughter of the west, raised in the relentless heat and endless space of the Southwestern desert. She is a fourth generation Arizonan.
She studied Art in Europe and Latin America, receiving her Master of Fine Arts degree at Arizona State University in 1980. Coe's career has brought her recognition throughout the West and beyond.  She has combined her artistic endeavors with a keen involvement in conservation issues during the span of her career. Initiating the Superstition Area Land Trust, she has been a major force in regional and national preservation groups.

Her home and studio are located in the desert east of Apache Junction at the base of the Superstition Mountains. 

Cock and Bull

Range War Refugees

Mood Swings

Eating Disorder

Random Access Memory

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