Saturday, April 8, 2017

Day 163: Contrera's Gallery (Eugene and Neda Contrera)

I am including my wife Neda Contreras. We have both been running Contreras Gallery, in Tucson Arizona, for the past ten years. It has worked out so far because the majority of revenue comes in from Neda's art sales and my silver jewelry. Each month, on the first Saturday, we have a new and different group of artists. We probably would not be in business right now without these three sources of income. 
I started as an apprentice in my father's silver shop, when I was in the first grade, in 1959.
I met my wife Neda in college, in 1972. We were both taking art and cultural anthropology classes then. 
The art and culture of the Southwest and the Tucson area are the main themes that we like to present in our gallery. The gallery is small in size, and large scale abstract art doesn't show well in this setting. One of our annual group shows is out "Milagros" exhibition. We feature a showing of "ex votos" and Retablos, The metal plates are 12" x 14", and they are set in a rustic style nicho frame. We invite about 15 local artist for this event.
My wife Neda's art varies in different themes. Her art is oil on canvas. It includes, Tucson landmarks, old classic cars, dogs, cats and birds, a "Dia De Los Muertos" style,  and still life scenes.
My art includes pen and ink drawings, oil and acrylic paintings, and different forms of printing.

Eugene Michael Contreras
110 E. 6TH. STREET Ph: (520) 398-6557 TUCSON, AZ. 85705

Neda Contera's "Ex Voto for Migrant Children"

Nedas Contrera's "Tucan Still LIfe"

Neda Contrera's "Floral Garden"

"All Soul Procession" by Contreras Gallery

Eugene M Contera's bracelet

Eugene M Contera's "Picacho Sunset"

Eugene M Contera's ex voto

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