Friday, April 7, 2017

Day 64: Ricky Ruiz

 I always had an appreciation and motivation for art and to create art is any way i could from fabric to canvases. I could honestly say in about 2013 i started to participate in first fridays in downtown phx and taking a step towards murals and large scale art work. Since then ive had the opportunity to travel and paint and will continue doing so as much as i can. There's been a few along the way that have help and inspire me Mario Durok, Chuck Wan, Taylor Jensen, and Champ Styles have been great support along with my family and friends, the biggest support coming from my 7 year old daughter Autumn and my fiance Jessica. 
Instagram: @Ark9one

Mural 03/2016


 Paint Phx 2016

La Muerte

Rosas De Muerte 

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  1. I dig the expressions on the faces, this art looks alive.