Monday, April 10, 2017

Day 68: Nancy Drigotas


My work is primarily informed by the organized abstraction of nature and the cosmos. I also find inspiration from making monoprints. More often than not, monoprints result in happy surprises that inform the next step in my art-making. These surprises become the art or a base for proceeding with some form of augmentation, such as adding more brush strokes, marks and lines, or even splatter.


 I have had many vocations in life—teacher, proofreader, copy editor, farmer, grinder, rural mail carrier, ornamental landscaper, beach bum, photographer and more. I came to painting in the last several years. While I am mostly self-taught now, my first teachers were landscape and figurative representational artists. After several classes and workshops I came to appreciate abstract expressionism. This is where I have landed. Approaching a canvas from the point of view of “nothingness” is the challenge after my original training in figurative and photographic work. Melding my right and left brain makes my work a battle of sorts; sometimes easy, sometimes not.