Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Day 76 Schyuler Kennedy

Taking his cues from comic books, traditional Mexican and indigenous folk art, cross cultural religious iconography and street art, Schuyler Kennedy’s work is a surreal blend of socio-political satire. Culling from the Eastern pantheons and belief systems and mixing them with the staunch Catholicism and bright colors of Mexican religious icons to craft new American Gods, Kennedy’s work provides a fun-house mirror reflection of the American religious and social quagmire, mixing life and death on his canvases like the acrylics on his palate. From imaginary self portraits to bees celebrating spine-supported highways of gold, Schuyler Kennedy provides a unique voice and vision of an outsider’s take on the inner workings of American society and the human psyche. 
Instagram @darkskyproductions

La Puta Pintada


Highways of Gold

Corazon Sagrado 

La Pistola, La Rosa

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