Monday, April 17, 2017

Day 75:Steve Failla

Steve Failla aka SPILLIGAN
I am a primarily self-taught artist born and raised in Arizona.  I have had some art education but do not recommend ever going to “art school” I believe that if you really want to be an artist all you have to do is create and let your audience come to you.  I was immersed in everything cool at a young age.  I was heavily influenced by music, art and film.  I daydreamed right through class doodling on schoolwork, chasing skirts and getting into trouble.  I like to explore the hypocrisy and weirdness in our society through my work.  My main goal is to produce work that makes you think and feel, whatever that emotion is.  If you feel anything after viewing my art then, it is successful. I have worked in several different medium logo design, short film, video games, sticker and shirt design, print work, and thousands of doodles.  It is my sincere hope to one day do this full-time and live my dream.
Spilligan art – illustration –design


Love is Pain


Odin's Bane

Silence the Beast