Saturday, April 15, 2017

Day 73: Joshua V. Loucheim

I have chosen to work with oil for its superior quality and sheer workability as well as for the tradition behind it.  Oil has been the medium of all the artists of the past who I have grown to admire and draw inspiration from.  And since I am a firm believer in learning from the past and combining that tradition with the contemporary; oil is the only paint which will suffice.  It is the catalyst for my creativity.
 ​Producing what is inside of me is the only thing I truly love to do.  My paintings are a combination of the natural world and the world within my head.  Essentially, I am a landscapist and when I begin a piece the first thing I paint is the sky.  The sky is what sets the tone for the story that each painting tells.  I then block in the lay of the land adding mountains, trees and anything else I feel the landscape needs.  Next I begin to add the figures, whether they are animals or people, and the objects they are manipulating.  Though each painting tells a story, the story I envision may not be the same as the viewers.  Therefore, I give each one a title that acts as a guideline for its true meaning.
instagram:  louchheim_art

Oil on 30" x 36" canvas 

Oil on 35.5" x 42.5" panel

The Great Separation 
Oil on 24" x 48" panel

Love, Lust & Longing

Oil on 48" x 60" panel 

Oil on 36" x 36" panel

Desert Oasis I

Oil on 19" x 39" panel

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